TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit

TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit

Last but not least is the TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit. Check out why people are claiming this is one of the top survival kits on the market!

What does this survival kit come in?
The TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit comes in a portable case that can easily be tossed in a bag or simply carried by your hand. It should be noted that the case is a solid black color and waterproof. This means it is discreet and you don’t have to worry about heavy rain ruining the items inside your survival kit.

What light items are included in this survival kit?
This survival kit includes a variety of light items. Like most survival kits, the TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit includes a flashlight that is equipped with LED lights. Fortunately, the included flashlight is battery operated and only requires one battery to operate. The flashlight even includes a zoom function, so you can change how intense the beam of light shines on your area.

In addition to the advanced flashlight, the TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit includes a mini light that operates similarly to a key ring.

Does this survival kit include any warmth items?
The TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit includes an emergency blanket, which is designed to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm during cold temperatures. The emergency blanket can also be used as a form of shelter in the event that you need to protect yourself or loved ones from a potentially harmful circumstance, such as falling debris.

Editor Favorits

  • Small and compact size makes it easy to carry around or store anywhere.
  • Battery operated flashlight includes LED lights and even a zoom function to change the intensity of the light beam.
  • Emergency blanket can shield you from harmful situations and keep your body warm.
  • Multiple sharp objects to help you cut items and hunt.


  • Included compass is not properly aligned.
  • Some of the knives are not as sharp as they could be.

What sharp objects are included in this survival kit?
The TRSCIND Survival Gear Kit includes a variety of sharp objects, such as a credit card knife, wire saw, and tactical pen. All of these items can be useful for cutting things, such as cloth and items you can potentially use to create a shelter, as well as hunting for food or even protecting you and your loved ones from a dangerous situation.

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