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Regardless of who you are or where you live, owning a good taser or a stun gun is extremely beneficial. Tasers and stun guns are two of the perfect items you could use for self-defense. If you’re unaware of what a taser or a stun gun is, don’t worry because I’m going to cover all of the basics in this guide, as well as give you honest reviews about some of the best stun guns and tasers on the market.

Even though a stun gun requires you to make direct physical contact with your attacker, a stun gun will not affect your attacker the same way a taser would. Instead, your attacker will feel moderate pain and that’s it. This is why the “downtime” for experiencing a stun gun voltage is shorter than a taser.

Fortunately, it is easier to obtain a stun gun. You won’t have to worry about completing any of those actions if you decide to purchase a stun gun instead of a taser. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to discover which taser or stun gun you should buy!